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Martin C. Nowak - Nowak and AssociatesNowak and Associates offers experienced business operations and care delivery strategies for MDs and hospitals. For individual clients, services include personalized advice to individuals and families for selecting best doctors and hospitals. Nowak provides consultancy in a variety of medical-legal circumstances including malpractice and class action, both plaintiff and defense. Services also include business plan development, investment proposal reviews, and inventor guidance.
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Martin C. Nowak - Nowak and Associates


Hospital, Healthcare, and Physician Practice

  • Strategic Planning
  • Distressed Hospital Advice and Interim Management
  • New Business Ventures and Startup
  • Hospital - Physician Facilitation
  • Request for Proposal Development

Business Startup and Development

  • Business Plan Development
  • Proforma Development
  • New business and inventor product advisory
  • Investment Proposal Review


  • Hospital, Healthcare and Physician Practice Expertise
  • Case Review, Expert Selection, Expert Preparation
  • Subject matter expertise and analysis of circumstances
  • Expert witness

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About Martin Nowak

Martin C. Nowak has more than thirty years' experience in healthcare; twenty three of those years at the C-Suite level. From 2002 to 2005 he was Chief Planning and Strategy Officer for the UAB Health System; from 1998 to 2002 he was interim then appointed Chief Executive Officer of UAB Hospital; and, from 1981 to 1998 he served in various executive hospital positions including Chief Executive Officer of St. Clair Regional Hospital and Administrator of the UAB Psychiatric Hospital. From 1992 to 1994 he served as the Associate Executive Director for Information Systems at UAB Hospital. With recognized success, Mr. Nowak has directed hospitals from 90 to 1008 beds; budgets exceeding $1.5 billion revenue; and workforce exceeding 5,000 employees. Mr. Nowak has considerable consulting experience in all facets of healthcare delivery.

Mr. Nowak has served on numerous boards including the Alabama Hospital Association from 2001 to 2005. The recipient of numerous awards, Mr. Nowak was named a “Top 100 Who's Who in Healthcare” by the Birmingham Business Journal (2002 and 2007) and received the “Distinguished Service Award” from the Alabama Hospital Association (2002). Mr. Nowak is a frequent public speaker and is often sought for opinion by news media. He has been cited and interviewed on many occasions by healthcare trade journals. From 2003 - 2011 he served via gubernatorial appointment on the Alabama State Health Coordinating Council. He co-authored the health care strategic plan for indigent residents of Jefferson County, Alabama. Mr. Nowak is a Mentor in the UAB Collat School of Business Innovation Depot and the UAB Graduate School of Health-Related Professionals.

In 2005, he was named the first Outstanding Alumnus of UAB's School of Natural Science and Mathematics. In 2014 he was named Alumnus of the Year by the UAB Graduate School of Health Administration. And, in 2018 he was named UAB Distinguished Biology Alumnus.

Mr. Nowak is a consultant to venture funds by reviewing and providing subject matter expertise related to healthcare and other business opportunities. He advises and develops business plans and proposals for entrepreneurs and inventors. He provides advisory guidance to business start-ups and inventor's pursuit of placing intellectual property inventions into the marketplace. Mr. Nowak works with law firms providing advisory and subject matter expertise in health-related matters, medical malpractice, and related cases. From time to time, he also serves as an expert witness.

Mr. Nowak has been a principle in several startup companies and is locally recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit. He holds several patents including two medical claims data mining processes to illuminate poor quality, fraud, and other issues in care delivery. He has licensed another commercial product patent to a national firm. Mr. Nowak earned both B.S. and M.H.A. degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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